Stress and thyroid cause hair loss. What else?

Many things. Any acute illness or surgery, psoriasis or other skin disease if it affects the scalp, some meds, genetics, age...

Related Questions

Does low thyroid cause hair loss in women?

Yes. It can be one of the signs and symptoms of low thyriod. Visit your physician to discuss this issue so that this can be evaluated.
Low thyroid. Hypothyroidism or low thyroid can most certainly cause hair loss of the diffuse kind.
Low thyroid hair. Low thyroid is associated with numerous changes in the skin and associated structures including the hair.

Can to much thyroid medicine cause hair loss?

Possibly. If you are taking too much thyroid hormone you could develop these symptoms of hyperthyroidism - you should have your physician check your thyroid levels (tsh, t3, (liothyronine) t4).

Is it possible for a thyroid disorder to cause hair loss?

Thyroid & hair. After the adrenal gland, the thyroid is the most important endocrine gland in the body. It is rresponsible for all metabolism & under function leads to numerous signs & symptoms including hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, bad nails, outer loss of eyebrows, constipation, depression, adhd, and more. T3 (liothyronine) is the only active hormone converted from T4 mostly in the liver and gut.
Hair loss. In some instances hypothyroidism can cause allopecia or scalp hair loss. More often however, allopecia is an associated autoimmune disorder along with thyroid disorders like hashimotos disease.

Is it true that stress can cause hair loss? Not in patches...I mean like running your fingers thru your your hair and about 30 strands falling out.

Hair loss. Yes it is possible that stress can cause hair loss but it is important to also rule out medical causes. See your primary care doctor to rule out the medical causes. If medical causes are ruled out, then monitoring and managing stress would be the next strategy.

What causes hair loss and how can I fix it to grow an get thicker, besides dose increase of thyroid medication?

Too much thyroid is- Too much thyroid is more likely to causes fine hair with hair loss. Hypothyroidism is associated with thick course hair, and is not as likely to causes hair loss as too much thyroid!