Related Questions

Do you ovulate while on birth control pills?

You can. Birth control pills (bcp's) are intended to suppress the ovaries and prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation. However, nothing is 100%. Failure rates for pregnancy with bcp's can be 1% to 5% depending on the particular pill and on the patient compliance. Skipping pills is the usual cause for failure, but ovulation (and pregnancy) can occur even when the pill is taken properly.

Can you ovulate on the 7th day of your inactive birth control pills?

No. If you are taking them correctly and not missing days, birth control pills will suppress ovulation all month long, including during the week of inactive pills. Its highly unlikely that you would ovulate on the 7th day of your inactive pills.

How long after stopping birth control pills will woman start ovulating again?

Quickly. Not only is ovulation frequently not significantly delayed after discontinuing the pill, occasionally ovulation can occur between ending one pack and starting the next pack if one is several days late starting the new pack and is taking a 21 day pill. With 7 days between the standard regimen pills and missing let's say 3 additionally pills before starting next pack, the risk is not insignificant.