Question about cardiac catheter ablation, chance of dying during it?

It Varies. In general it is very low risk. There are different types of ablations with varying degrees of risk. Atrial fibrillation ablation tends to carry some of the highest risk of any catheter ablation. Af ablations have a risk of death of 0.15%. Other ablations, like for svt, would be lower risk.
Very unlikely. Death is a remote possibility during an ablation, but it is a possibility. A very low risk of death is present for many procedures however, and it should not deter patients who really need the procedure.

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Aching throughout leg a week after cardiac catheter ablation? The leg below the catheter insertion point, down to the foot. Mild aching but annoying.

Exam. Was this the leg which was used to thread the catheter? The discomfort could be from muscle, blood vessel or nerve irritation. Your physician could tell better after he/she examines your leg. Read more...
Maybe. You have a large clot in hour groin from the catheter or maybe it was from an odd positioning of your leg during the procedure . At ant rate it does not sound serious since it is just an annoying ache. It's really hard to tell without knowing more about where in your leg it aches, if constant or not. Have you tried tylenol (acetaminophen) ? Hope you feel better ! Read more...