Question about bladder cancer, is bladder removed?

Depends on depth. Superficial bladder cancer may be treated with resection, instillation of BCG in the bladder. However, if the tumor invades the muscle or involves certain areas of the bladder, resection/removal of the bladder may be required.
Sometimes. Early stage bladder cancer is usually treated with removal of the tumor by cystoscopy, and then with chemotherapy infusions into the bladder. Later stages of bladder cancer are treated with either radiation and chemotherapy, or removal of the bladder.
Bladder cancer. The answer is it depends on the type of bladder cancer and how deeply it invades the bladder wall. Sometimes they can just take out the tumors when they occur, sometimes they put medicines in the bladder and sometimes the bladder or parts of the bladder are removed. You would need to talk to a urologist to know the best treatment plan.

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I have flat stools. I have anxiety, I had pollips removed, I have one small hemroid, im a bladder cancer serviver. Is it impordant to see a doc.

Here are some ... The shape of stool reflects the interaction between anal tone, its ring shape, and stool softness/hardness. The softer the stool, the more likely to see flat stool of various degrees; the harder, the rounder. So, this alone requires no need to see Doc. But, bladder cancer requires a lifelong surveillance; don't miss it. Read more...