Pain around the joint between ring finger and pinkie and palm. Carpal tunnel?

Not likely. This doesn't sound like carpal tunnel but is more likely to be something else such as tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, ganglion, etc.
No. Probably your ulnar nerve( at elbow ) oor a cervical origin if it is a nerve problem. Really would need a little more info to narrow it down.

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Complete numbness in fingers and both sides of hand. Is this carpal tunnel syndrome, if not what is it?

See below: This could be carpal t syndrome plus cubital ts where the other nerve to the hand (ulnar) gets trapped at the elbow; and more rarely ulnar can get trapped at the wrist, on the little finger side. Also nerves getting pinched in the neck can also cause a similar picture. Read more...
By both sides of the. Hand f you mean the palm and the dorsum or top of the hand and all the fingers this is what is commonly knownin the hand as a glove ( in the foot--stocking) distribution and is not typically related to cts. However multiple nerve involvement or a more proximal source such as the neck or brachial plexus may have tingling that encompasses these areas as well . Read more...