I have a kidney failure. Am I more likely to have a heart attack?

Yes. According to epocrates....Ckd is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, independent of comorbidities such as dm, htn, and dyslipidemia. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for these patients, and the overwhelming majority of patients with CKD will die prior to reaching the need for renal replacement therapy.
Yes. Kidney failure is a definite risk favor for heart attacks and strokes. Be sure to follow your doctors directions faithfully and it will help!
Maybe. There is a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes in persons with kidney disease.

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Mom: diabetic coma at 14 yrs old (she's 54 now) she's had kidney failure, dialysis 4 years transplant in 1996, heart attack stroke fibro osteoarthriti?

Good doctors. Your mom has multiple serious medical management problems. She needs excellent specialist and a primary care doctor to oversee and coordinate care.

What's the prognosis for a female, hypertensive person with esrd, who had two strokes and heart attack?

Not good. Prognosis not very good. You have multi organ disease. Despite taking extreme precautions, the prognosis is not very good. Take care and good luck.
ESRD? My acromyogram isn't working too well. If esrd means end-stage renal disease then obviously things aren't going well for you. But you should consult a nephrologist (kidney expert).
Not very good. Too many variables. Depending on how much she has been disabled from the strokes etc, if she is on dialysis and the blood pressure is now controlled, she can have a relatively decent life for a few years, especially if she is younger. It is imperative that she follows through with her doctors' visits and recommendations, otherwise disaster is looming. If she is quite disabled - comfort care?

Can someone have a heart attack after they have had a kidney transplant?

CARDIAC CONCERN. Absolutely. Being a transplant recipient does not impact your cardiac risk directly, however many kidney transplants are the result of kidney disease that is linked to cardiovascular disease, which does increase your risk of heart attack.

What happens when lupus turns for the worst and you end up having a heart attack and kidneys start to fail?

Alternative therapy. You evaluation will clarify why you have these changes. If the lupus activity increased then antilupus therapy is changed to a more intense program. But lupus patients are at risk for atherosclerosis which can also cause a heart attacks. Kidney failure can be due to lupus but other reasons can cause renal failure including medications, hypertension, atherosclerosis. The evaluation will clarify.
AGGRESSIVE CARE. Hospitalization. High dose steroids and possibly other anti-inflammatory therapy. Dialysis. Possible cardiac cath and coronry intervention.

I'm having sharp chest pains, it hurts to breathe and I couldn't move. B4 it started my lower back was hurtn cld this b the start of a heart attack?

Not likely, but. As someone with migraines you are at an increased risk. You also have pain with deep breathing which means it could be a lung problem such as a blood clot. You can't mess around with any sort of chest pain especially with breathing problems. You shouldn't be on BCPs, but if you are you are at an even increased risk. You should be seen right away in an ED to find out what's going on. Good luck.