My mom has itchy watery eyes and it is causing a lot of strain. See gp?

See eye doc. She probably has allergies and should see and ophthalmologist for some drops to relieve her symptoms. Over the counter medication may work--i recommend zaditor (ketotifen) 2x per day.

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Just found black mold in room. Son gets sick every 2 weeks and bf has itchy watery eyes and bad cough. Is all this caused by the mold?

Hard to say. Take him somewhere else for a few days to see if his symptoms persist. If they stop, then he is reacting to something in the room. Talk to his pediatrician about it.

What cream or medication can be effective against itchy scales around eyes along with watery eyes, and what could be the cause, doesn't get hay fever?

Allergies! Sounds like allergies! Treat for allergies. Creams, ointments, and lotions may make the situation worse. Som topical with steroid may be indicated or helpful, but needs be determined and monitored by doctor!

Can hay fever cause me to feel occasional pain in eyes? I have no other symptoms (itchy/watery eyes) but I've had hay fever symptoms in the past?

See an eye doctor. Pain in the eye can be intraocular inflammation (inflammation inside the eye) which can be sight threatening. Allergic conjunctivitis should not cause eye pain.