My fiance has lower pelvic pain any surgery?

See Gynocologist . There are many possible causes. She should see her gynocologist.
Identify Pain. It is important to identify the source of the pain before considering surgery. Doctors that would be most usefull in the initial work up would be her ob/gy. The causes of pelvic pain range from the reproductive organs, to the urinary tract, to hernias, musculoskeletal issues, to non organic causes such as sexual and emotioal abuse.

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Lower right pelvic pain for 8 months spreading to entire pelvic area, not appendix, have pelvic kidney ruled out UTI many times no $ for surgery?

Heat pad. i guess you can take ibuprofen up to 800 mg every six to eight hours as needed you can use a heat pad on the area that hurting you you can see a doctor that can examine you and treat you without surgery. Read more...