Leg pain when sitting at desk too long- blood clot?

Possible but unlikel. Typically, leg pain when sitting for extended periods of time is due to venous pooling in the limbs, which causes an increase in venous pressure, leading to a wide variety of symptoms, such as aching, heaviness, cramping, fatigue ..Etc it is possible to develop superficial blood clots, known as phlebitis, or less likely the more serious dvt, or deep vein thrombosis. See a dr for us to be sure.
Not likely. My first suspicion would be a herniated disc in your back pinching a nerve. Especially if it happens every day and goes away when you stretch or walk. Get this checked out soon, delaying treatment can result in permanent nerve damage!

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I have leg pain after a long car ride with no history of blood clots. I'm 23. Should I see a dr?

Very common. It is not unusual to have leg pain after a long car ride, although it is more common as people age. It is a result of holding your legs in the same position for too long. Staying very well hydrated usually helps and may prevent the problem. It is a good idea to stop at least every 2 hours and get out of the car, stretch your legs, and walk around a bit. Read more...

Would a blood clot in the leg pain come and go or would be be constant and get more painful?

Either one. It depends on whether a clot is acute (sudden onset) or chronic, whether it's in an artery or vein. Either way, if you have unexplained pain in an arm or leg, get it checked out right away by your primary care doctor. Read more...

If I have leg pain in both legs does that make a blood clot unlikely?

Somewhat. Usually blood clots effect one leg , bit they can effect both legs as well. You should be assessed by a physician, and if there is concern for a clot you should have an ultrasound of the legs. Read more...