Large head measurement at ultrasound. Is that water head?

One possibility. It is possible. Sonography would show dilated ventricles if that were the case.

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What could be wrong if the doctor says the baby has a large head measurement at ultrasound?

Error in dates / Pbm. Having a large head is relative.If you are supposed to be "x" weeks along you are supposed to have a head of a certain size, if your head is bigger, you might be further along. You might also have a developing problem in your head, but that is where a more specific ultrasound or interpretation by a specialist needs to be considered. Read more...

Had ob ultrasound. What could a large head measurement mean?

Depends. Depending on how many weeks you are would be needed to give a better explanation. More than likely it is normal with the baby having a large head. Speak with your OB and after they evaluale the complete us will be able to give you a more precise answer. Read more...