Is there a health risk with low blood pressure? Isnt it predictable?

No. This is a complex question. For most younger and mid-aged people a lower blood pressure is not associated with increased risk. For older patients too low a blood pressure is associated with worse long-term survival. It is also an issue if low blood pressure is due to poor cardiac function or other medical conditions. The relationship varies depending on the reason for the low blood pressure.

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Any health risks for having kind of low blood pressure?

Symptoms. Low blood pressure by itself doesnt typically have a health risk. If lightheaded with position change, one may be at risk for a fall leading to bleeding. If low BP is due to low pulse rate, then may need lab analysis or ECG to ensure not in an abnormal heart rhythm.

What to do if I have just been prescribed dibenzyline (phenoxybenzamine) and wanted to know at what dose could it have a negative effect on your health from having low blood pressure?

Check BP, report->MD. Body has 2 autonomic Nervous systems: sympathetic & Parasymp. Para controls gut motil, both syst contr HR & empty of bladder! Symp controls artery tone: BP. Para can drop BP. Symp system includ brain output & adrenal+. Abnorm of Symp sys lead skyhigh BP. Dibenzylene is a sympathet blocker. Cause of symp overflow needs determ& removed. Dibenz tries to protect vital organs dur quest. Stay hydrated.

Is there a driving risk with low blood pressure?

Possibly. If the blood pressure is so low that you're dizzy, have passed out, or feel like you're going to pass out (brief dizziness on arising too quickly doesn't count), you shouldn't be driving. On the other hand, if you're just going by the number and feel fine, driving is no problem. Many healthy people run a normal blood pressure of 80 systolic. They tend to be young and are often women.