Is pleural effusion serious in fetus?

Can be. If fetus has pleural effusion, can affect development of the lungs. If mother has pleural effusion, can affect mom's breathing and getting oxygen to the fetus.
Management. There are a number of conditions which may cause fetal pleural effusions. Among these are pulmonary disease, cardiac dysfunction and an autoimmune reaction which can lead to a condition called Hydrops. In addition, infections should be ruled out. The management of the baby's fluid, cardio respiratory status and ruling out infection will be part of the management at delivery. Many infants do well.

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If the pleural effusion is associated with pulmonary TB is this serious?

TB pleuritis. Started from the lung. It is still serious due to having spread and needs to be treated. Treatment will take longer than a usual lung infection due to problem with penetration of the area by the antibiotics. Any TB infection wherever it is is serious, and can spread.
Med Regimen. TB is a treatable infection, but the culture of the fluid is important since it helps with selection of the most effective combination of antibiotics. Sometimes TB is resistant, but new drugs are being developed and tested. For example, the addition of Moxifloxacin in uncomplicated TB has recently been studied. The presence of pleural fluid should be followed.

I just found out that I have an enlarged heart with pleural effusion. Is this serious?

CHF. The cause of the enlarged heart and pleural effusion is what dictates the outcome from such a situation. If you have a very weak heart with congestive heart failure and both sides of the heart malfunctioning to cause this, that is very serious. If you have some more benign situation which is also possible could be less serious. You need to discuss with your doctor.
Yes. Heart failure and extra fluid are serious and edema-leg swelling and weight (water) gain are part of the picture.

Pleural effusion detected in xray. Aspiration done. Pleural fluid tested on cytology and myobacterium culture done. All negative-no growth. Pain severe in chest and back. Amylase:47 ada:72 glucose:200?

Further workup. Your blood sugar is too high. Get further evalaution for diabetes. Pleural effusions can cause pleuritis, an inflammation of the sac around the lungs. Notify your physician and ask about antiinflammatory medince. Get a fasting blood sugar, urine analysis and hgba1c.
Recurrence. Pleural effusion recurrence need to see pulmonary.