Is it possible for me to exercise while wearing compression stockings?

Absolutely. There is no harm in wearing your compression stockings while they exercise & it could prove useful. But many people find them too hot during exercise, especially the higher styles. Compression is most important when standing & sitting without movement & least beneficial when lying down or exercising (the "muscle pump" helps venous return during exercise so there is less need while exercising).
Yes. Compression stocking work by compressing the calf muscles to increase the venous return and decrease the venous pressure. This is the same thing that exercise does. You can wear compression hose during exercise but if you are using your calf muscles such as in running, biking or spinning, you really don't need to also wear compression.

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Is there any benefit to wearing compression stockings without a dvt. I think I have a lymphatic problem but docs here say nothing can be done......?

Yes. Support stockings can help your legs feel less heavy and sore by the end of the day even if you do not have a DVT or even varicose veins. Often, only knee highs are needed, and are much easier to put on. The stockings will not cure the lymphatic problem, but you will feel better, and that is fine.
Yes. Wear the compression stockings. There is a lot that can be done for patients with lymphedema of the extremities. You do not have to suffer. Fin a local vascular specialist that has a special interest in lymphedema.
Lymphedema. If you have swelling in the legs that is not related to an acute deep venous thrombosis it may still be related to chronic venous insufficiency if there is reflux in the veins. If the veins are working well then you may have lymphedema. This type of edema can be easily managed with manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy. Pleas see a specialist that has interest in lymphedema.
May help. Lymphedema. Follow up with lymphedema clinic to help symptoms.
Absolutely. Drs. Salartash and point both wrote excellent answers that I agree with entirely. If you are looking for a lymphedema therapist, go to http://www. Lymphnet. Org/resourceguide/findtreatment. Htm.
Yes. Leg swelling is a common problem and there are many causes. I am a strong advocate of wearing knee length supp hose routinely if it is possible. 20mmhg is well tolerated and I have been wearing them for many years. If you have leg swelling I do not concur that nothing can be done. You should have a full evaluation to see if there is a reason-venous reflux, deep reflux, meds, lymphedema, etc.

Can wearing compression stockings too tight cause a Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Probably not. These stockings are devised to distribute force or compression equally. As such they are meant to retard and not foster DVT formation.
Unlikely. Compression stockings work by squeezing the skin and subcutaneous tissue to increase the return of blood from the superficial into the deep system and then to the heart. Other than behind the knee there is very little risk of compressing the deep system by support hose and, even the behind knee area would require significant direct compression to block the vein.