Is adult leukemia treatable and if you have a sibling what are the chances of them being a good donor?

Yes, 25% Yes, adult leukemia are treatable. The treatment would depend on the type of leukemia, the biology of the leukemia etc. -the formula for calculating the chances of a particular person having an hla-matched sibling is 1 ? (0.75)n, where n denotes the number of potential sibling donors.In general, a patient with one sibling has a 25% chance of having a match.
Adult leukemia. All adult leukemia is treatable. How likely it is to be cured depends on the subtype of leukemia, acute myelogenous or acute lymphocytic, hairy cell or chronic myelogegnous or chronic lymphocytic. The treatment approach depends on the subtype. Each full sibling has a 1 in 4 chance of being a full hla match.