I think my boyfriends penis is permanently bent. Why?

?Born with or not. Boys can be born with congenital chordee (usually downward bent penis), or a deviated penis. Can occur by itself or as part of hypospadias or epispadias which was either partially corrected surgically or not. Most cases are correctable by a reconstructive urologist. Peyronie's disease is acquired, causes an upward bend or curve and has a hard subcutaneous plaque. Possibly correctable.
May be congenital. A bent penis can be congenital (born with it-known as chordee) or acquired usually triggered by an injury to the erect penis (but not always). If he has always had a curved penis this can be readily fixed surgically if the deformity causes a problem physically or psychologically. Peyronie's disease is the acquired scarring of the penis that can cause curve, shortening, indentation and ed>.