Please tell me, could a tooth abscess be lanced?

Won't cure abscess. Sometimes lancing gum boil (incision ; drainage) combined with antibiotics will help control spread of infection. To eliminate the infection, however, the tooth requires definitive treatment, either root canal/cap or extraction/implant/cap. Can't "cure" an abscess with a lance. Please see your dentist before infection spreads further.
Could be...but. There are very rare circumstances for which a dental abscess would be lanced as part of definitive treatment. Simply to lance a an abscess without additional treatment would cause more harm than good.
I ; D. Incision and drainage... Done by your dentist or an oral surgeon. Does not resolve the problem, just treats the symptoms. Call a local dentist to be seen, diagnosed, and treated.
Yes. It can be lanced via an i;d procedure to drain the area. Done in conjunction with antibiotic therapy and then definitive treatment. Consult with your dentist or oral surgeon. Hope this helps.

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Please tell me, could a tooth abscess wait 2 days?

Depends. If you are not having systemic symptoms (fever, swelling, pain) you can wait but it could flare up and it could be potentially life threatening. You need to be placed on antibiotic though. Talk to your dentist. Read more...
Technically yes... But the problem with a tooth abscess is that it can become painful and large quite quickly. The sooner you have it taken care of the less the chance of serious problems. Read more...
Infections. Are best treated in a timely and appropriate fashion. See your dentist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more risk involved. As we don't know your medical history, can't clinically examine you, nor see x-rays of the area involved, we can't access the risk of postponing treatment. If i were the patient, i wouldn't wait! Read more...