I have what appears to be a gout on my left foot, but it never hurt. What would doctor do with it?

Tophi w/o acute gout. It is unclear what led to a diagnosis of gout, unless you had an x-ray of your foot that showed changes suggestive of chronic gout deposits or even damage. Uncommonly, gouty deposits (tophi) may be noted incidently, at time of arthroscopy or open surgery, with no prior consideration of gout, because there was never a typical acute attack. If gout y deposits are confirmed, then treatment for gout.
Probably not gout! Acute gout is very painful and patients frequently can't put on their shoe or bear weight on the affected foot. Sometimes a bunion or osteoarthritis can be mistaken for gout. If it doesn't hurt, I probably wouldn't do anything with it.
Chronic gout. Rarely people have uric acid depositis in foot without ever experiencing acute painful attacks. The signs of the deposits or tophi, are x-ray changes of damage to the afected joints or deposits noted at time of surgery. Managent of this chronic gout involves life style changes and medication.