Are there any herbal supplements that can be ingested to prevent coronary artery disease?

Consider. Consider adding niacin, fish oil and/or red yeast rice. I recommend checking with your physician prior to starting these as they may not be right for you given existing conditions or medicines. Consider use of new lipid profiling such as NMR testing to determine your cardiovascular risk.
Fish oil. Not herb! Still a supplement. Fish oil 1-2 grams per day prevents death from heart attacks and bad heart rhythms. Don't forget the big 3: eat right. Get moving 30-60 minutes every day. Don't smoke.
Yes. Coronary artery disease is caused by a build up of cholesterol on the walls of coronary arteries. Decreasing cholesterol may help. There has been a lot of research done to see what supplements may be helpful, but I can tell you that their effect is modest if that. Garlic is one, flexseed, fiber supplements (benefiber) are some examples. Red rice yeast, although, popular may cause other problems.
Cardiocidin-ND. Cardiocidin has clove oil - antiinflammatory and prevents atherosclerosis, the other formula called circuzyme has hisperidine, diosmin from grape seeds and delta tocopherols which helps with both artery and venous blood flow.

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Are there any herbal supplements that can be ingested to treat coronary artery disease?

Herbs and CM. There are no clinical studies in reputable journals that support the use of herbal supplements to treat coronary artery disease.
Questionable. There are claims but few validated. So buyer beware as these are not regulated by the fda. Fish oil and resveritrol may be the best "natural" options. These are not substitutes for "traditional" medications.
Not Directly. While several supplements are marketed to affect risk factors related to coronary artery disese (e.g., weight loss, cholesterol reduction), none of these has been studied in clinical trials. Therefore, the impact of supplements on coronary artery disease is largely unknown. 1 gram of dha+epa daily has been shown to decrease sudden death due to arrhythmia, an effect not related to developing cad.

How do you prevent coronary artery disease?

Lifestyle. Aside from genetic predisposition there are a couple of major factors such as tobacco avoidance, control of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar as well as regular exercise that will help delay the development of plaque built-up in the arteries. In a lot of cases that will help prevent a clinical problem.
Start early! The most important part is to start early! Heart disease takes decades to develop. There are many factors that we can control, diet and exercise being most important. In addition, not smoking and reducing stress are key actions. Genetic predisposition is not modifiable: if your mother or father had a heart attack before 60 years of age, you might be at risk. Consider a preventive visit!

How can I prevent from getting coronary artery disease?

Basic things. Watch your weight. Exercise. Control your blood pressure and cholesterol. If you are a diabetic, keep your sugar under control. Take your medication, if any. And above all, don't smoke.

How can you prevent from getting coronary artery disease?

Blockage. Angina-chest pain from atherosclerotic blockage of the arteries to the heart. So one has to have coronary vessels blocked by atherosclerosis and plaque deposits to the degree that the heart does not get enough oxygen. Prevention: non smoker cardiovascular exercise diet normal weight ignore and get coronary problems. Family history is also significant.
Change life style. To prevent CAD risk factor modification is the key. Keep cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes under excellent control. Beside that cardiovascular exercise daily and do not smoke. Stress management is important as well. These are called the modifiable risk that somone can manage.

Is coronary artery disease inevitable? Can It be prevented or only slowed????

Common. But many never have symptomatic disease. No smoking Good blood pressure Negative family history Watch lipids and diet and exercise to minimize atherosclerosis.

Does iron intake affect coronary artery disease?

Shouldn't. I have never heard of iron supplementation affecting the course of coronary artery disease. Too much iron can effect the myocardium, however, even in that case, it usually is not the oral supplementation but a different process that leads to the damage (cardiomyopathy).
No. Probably not ever but not in the usual therapy ranges after CABG with some expected anemia we will, prescribe iron supplements and vitamins.