How do I care for my baby's skin after circumcision?

Vaseline. Apply vaseline around circumcision with each diaper change until healed, including until plastibell ring (if used) falls off. Withhold diapers on a temporary basis if tip of penis around urinary opening looks red or inflammed, and place baby on a towel and place towels aound crib, until redness has cleared up. This is to avoid later meatal stenosis (narrowing of urinary opening).
Clean with water. The area around the circumcision can be quite red and inflamed after this procedure. It can also be tender, so be gentle when changing diapers. Some pediatricians recommend leaving a clean dressing around the tip of the penis until the circumcision heals, so it doesn't rub against the diaper and cause discomfort. Dab the area with a wet towel or wipe in between diaper changes to keep it clean.
Some Vaseline jelly. After the "foreskin" has been cut off, the wound area is a little oozy with a slight amount of blood and sticky material. For about 3 days, the parent can put some vaseline on the wound so the end of the penis doesn't stick to the diaper. Also, put some 4x4-inch gauze cloth around penis before closing the diaper (so less or no poop will get on the penis). After 3-4 days, no special care needed.
Vaseline. Hopefully your doctor provided instructions. If it was done by plastibell, you do nothing til the bell falls off. If by other method then goop on vaseline at each diaper change to keep it slippery in the diaper. Do that for about 10 days until it is healed....It should no longer look raw once healed. The head of the penis is reddish purple once healed but is not raw looking.