Is there a longterm type veneer that works if gums recede?

No special one. Receding gums means the root of the tooth is exposed and the root is not covered with enamel. Veneers bond best to enamel but can be bonded to dentin/root, but not as well. Talk with your dentist about the options.
Not specifically. . . If the root surfaces are exposed due to recession, the bond is weaker. In that case full crowns may be best if something must be done.
Many can. The beauty of todays porcelain veneers is that when they are bonded to your tooth they are virtually invisible. Over the years, almost everyone has at least minor changes to the gum line or a little bit of recession. When the veneers are designed well, and cemented masterfully, they can still look great even years after any gum recession.
No. Dr. Richards is absolutely correct. Enamel (outermost layer) bonding is the strongest. Bonding to dentin (immediately below enamel) & cementum (layer over the root) is not as reliable. There are other possibilities that can be done to increase the success rate of your new smile such as gingival grafting & orthodontic intrusion, if suitable. Check with your dentist to discuss your concerns!
Yes, IPS Empress. Empress dental veneers are all-ceramic and are extremely durable, sharing similar material qualities to natural tooth enamel and good in cases of the receding gums.
Yes. veneers would work to cover the receding gums but the bond to enamel is strong. Veneer would produce a nice smile and look.
Maybe. There is no veneer that can be done that will not have the edges seen if your gums recede. But there are some that are made to blend better at the top so it's less obvious. That's all in the hands of your dentist.