I get blood in toilet after bowel movement. Possibly pregnant?

Bloody BM. It sounds like you're very worried about possibly being pregnant, but a bloody bowel movement is not a sign of pregnancy. To know about pregnancy, take a home pregnancy test after you have missed your menstrual period. The blood in your toilet may relate to a bleeding hemorrhoid or rectal fissure -- and you'll need to see your physician about this. The fissure would be painful; hemorrhoid not.
Bleeding. That isn't a sign of pregnancy. Most likely its from a hemorrhoid or a small tear in the rectal area from a bowel movement. Check a pregnancy test if you are concerned. And, see your doctor if the bleeding continues.

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Why is there blood in toilet during a bowel movement?

Many reasons. The common causes of blood during defecation may be due to hemorrhoids, anal fissure, inflammation of rectum/colon and cancer. It is important to get checked out to diagnose the cause and get treatment. Even benign causes of bleeding can cause anemia. Read more...

Had bowel movement. Had to push a bit. Felt like it scraped me on the exit. Lots of pinkish blood in toilet and a bit on toilet paper. Should I panic?

No! Panic is pointless. Also, pale pink is likely to be a minor issue - but minor only means that a good exam will lead to a good solution based on an exam, Dx and treatment. Avoid possible infection. Call for an appointment now. Read more...

Have large hemmeroid. Wiped after bowel movement and lots of blood and dime sized clot on paper. Lots of blood in toilet water. Normal to see clot?

Blood is abnormal. If you are bleeding that much from a hemorrhoid, you need to see a surgeon to take care of it you can try stool softened, high fiber diet, lots of water and sutz baths, but I'll be you need them treated surgically . Read more...