I have a lower back pain? Could that be early labor?

Check with your dr. Low back pain can occur during pregnancy due to the postural changes that occur with carrying a baby. Stretching, use of pillows when sleeping can assist. If you are close to term, or experiencing any vaginal discharge, that significantly increases the possibility of early labor signs. Good luck call your dr if worried.
Possible. Pregnant lady could experience back from the pregnancy itself, some time when labor started you experience back pain. Good luck thank you.

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39w 1dy pregnant today and had bad lower back pain and lite menstrual like cramps? Does this mean I'm in early labor or dilating? Or both? Thanks!

Could be please call. Your OB at this stage all? S any time of the day or night should be asked to your OB 1st! If u were my pt woulld have u come to office or labor room for a check to see if cx is dllated and if u are in earl;y labor and to make sure fetal ht rate is ok, my advice to u the ideal time to deliver is 39-40 weeks so if everythjing is ok and u are not in labor ask your OB when u can be induced.

33wks pregnant and constant lower back pain and abdominal cramping for about 6 hours, am I in early labor?

No. Lower back pain, period of abdominal cramping are all normal at this stage of pregnancy. Your body is getting ready to deliver. This involves changes in ligament elasticity so that the pelvic girdle can widen to accommodate the baby's head. You know you are in true labor when you are no longer able to wait out the contractions. They will increase in intensity and frequency instead of going away.

Is dull lower back pain an early sign of labor?

See obstetrition. There are multiple causes low low back pain in pregnancy, most of them mechanical. Check with your doctor first to make sure that it is not early labor.

Lower back pain on left side of back is it an early sign of labor?

Shouldn't be. That on itself alone, shouldn't be a sign of early labor, but you must call and ask your OB doctor, and describe to him/her any other symptoms you may be having.

What causes of lower back pain which feels like labor pain also diarehha and lower abdominal cramping pain?

Low back pain diarrh. Sounds like an inflammation of the rectum or lower colon; diarrheal illnesses can cause low back pain and cramping; however, the list of things is rather long. If it has been for a few days then no worries but if it has been around a while then its time to see a doctor.