I had a heart attack when I was younger, will this contribute to me getting cardiomyopathy?

Possibly. When you have a heart attack and your heart muscle is damaged, your heart becomes less effective at meeting your body's demands for blood. This can become heart failure, resulting in cardiomyopathy. Also, if the heart disease that caused the heart attack is not treated you can have other heart attacks without symptoms. All people who have had a heart attack should be followed by a cardiologist.
Maybe. A single, small heart attack may not cause enough heart damage to result in cardiomyopathy. Hardening of arteries which causes heart attacks progresses unless the cause is interrupted by treating the contributing causes. Healthy life style, medical evaluation and lowering your risk factors is effective in preventing cardiomyopathy.

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I apparently have cardiomyopathy and my ef is 35. Does this mean I will have a heart attack?

No. Cardiomyopathy is a weakened heart from any of a number of causes; sometimes the cause is not identified. "Heart attack" usually refers to a blocked artery in the heart; that is one cause of cardiomyopathy but is not a result of cardiomyopathy. Many patients with this disease, especially at your age, recover completely, but intensive therapy is required and should be provided by a cardiologist. Read more...