What is anoxia?

Anoxia. Anoxia means lack of oxygen. At birth, anoxia may be responsible for many conditions, such as brain damage, cerebral palsy, etc.
Anoxia = no oxygen. Anoxia is the medical term for total lack of oxygen, which is not a personality feature. Someone who has been oxygen-deprived due to illness or injury can develop "anoxic brain injury" which varies in severity from total permanent coma to milder symptoms such as confusion, forgetfulness, physical weakness, disinhibition (doing things that aren't socially appropriate) and difficulty learning.

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What is birth asphyxia? Anoxia? Hypoxia?

See below. All 3 terms refer to a decrease in the amount of oxygen the baby receives during the birthing process. If severe, it could have an effect on the child's brain.