My ingrown toe nail was removed for a week now, why does it still hurts?

Sometimes it can . Take a couple of weeks to heal. I would just make sure there is no infection from the procedure.
See below. The trauma of the injection and the procedure of nail removal may create pain for about two weeks. If concerned, see your doctor.

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What do you advise if I had my ingrown toe nail removed, how long will it take to have the toe-nail grow back?

3 months. If the ingrown nail was not permanently removed using a chemical or surgical procedure, then it will take around 3 months to grow back out. This timing for nail growth also depends on your medical history, vitamin use and diet! . Read more...

I have an ingrown toe nail. Well had, I think. I pulled it or most of it out today, after the shower. Now my toe is tingling.

No problem. If you pulled it out and got it all it should get better. Warm soapy soaks will help. If it red or there is pus or swelling you should let your doctor look at it. Read more...