What is a bulging disk?

Abnormal appearance. A bulging disc refers to an intervertebral disc that has extended past its original footprint, so to speak, and may be pushing up against the nerves. The bulge may involve the firm rind (annulus), or the watery disc material in the middle of the disc (nucleus pulpous). The bulge may cause a lot of pain, weakness, or numbness, or none at all.

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What are the tests for bulging disk?

MRI. The best test to evaluate the disks of the spine is an MRI of the cervical (neck) thoracic (mid back) or lumbar (low back) spine. Your gp can order the appropriate study and make referral to a specialist as needed.

What you should do for a bulging disk?

Conservative means. Initially, try medications, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, injections. If these measures fail, and MRI shows correctable problem, then surgery may be appropriate.
" bulging disk" Initial treatment for symptomatic bulging disc is conservative (eg physical therapy, non-opioid analgesics, etc.) and also addresses preventative measures. Depending on severity of the symptoms, injections for pain control may be utilized. For more severe cases, surgery may be indicated. The course of treatment is determined by symptoms and objective findings.

What is a good treatment for bulging disk?

Bulging disc. Advil/motrin gentle stretching yoga core strengthening non-impact gentle cardio heating pad physical therapy None of these things will eliminate the bulging disc but they can help eliminate the discomfort associated with it.

What can be done about bulging disks?

Consultation. An orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon who knows your case, would be able to provide you with very specific options. Acupuncture can reduce pain & inflammation related to discs but will not cure the actual condition.

What is a midline disk bulge?

This may be normal. Mri or ct scans of the spine frequently show discs that protrude beyond the edge of the vertebral bodies. This may be associated with degenerative disc disease and arthritis, but it is such a very common finding, some experts would consider this a normal variant.
Disk. Dont mention which part spine. A disc is an hydraulic unit to distribute pressure. Many people have bulges which is not a ruptured disk. They are a common finding on x-ray in hard workers, overweight or with age. Generally no symptoms. Mid line is center of body so bulge in low back midline would aim towards front of vertebra or spinal cord. Symptoms if present would affect nerve to leg, not back.