Went for thread mill stress test. At 85% heart rate it is ok but at 110% slightly positive. How do you interpret this result.

Need more data. If one exercises for 9 minutes or more on a standard bruce protocol stress test, even if one has known coronary disease, the prognosis is excellent. However, decisions concerning further testing, such as a stress echo test or an angiogram, take into consideration the presence or absence of angina (chest pain) during the test, the amount of abnormality on the ekg during the test and other factors.
Possible. If abnormal there are additional tests to define the issue.

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What do you recommend if I had 2 stress test done a exercise one and a thallium one on both my heart rate dropped wha could cause it?

Thallium? You said "thallium" but perhaps you meant adenosine or lexiscan? - these two agents are used to perform a stress test in which you don't have to exercise, thus in contrast to your first one. Both agents can cause the heart rate to drop as a side effect which has no prognostic significance. Read more...