How to help skin redness and itching? Oats?

Try hydrocortisone. You may be able to prevent redness and itching(usually eczema) by using moisturizers. Oatmeal products in bath water may help as well. Once you get redness, you need a topical steroid to get better. Try Hydrocortisone cream and if the problem persists see your doctor for something perscription.

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Can whole body itching and skin redness (rash-like when touched) from cipro (ciprofloxacin) last for more than a week?

Unlikely... The abx should be out of your system by now, and the skin reaction should at least be fading. If not, consider reviewing your current med list to find your culprit - good luck. Read more...

My Boyfriend is experiencing genital rash. The following also describe him: Skin rash and Skin redness without itching or pain. What should he do?

HE SHOULD. FIND OUT what is causing it and what the TREATMENT is and IF and WHEN his rash will not SPREAD to you or anyone else...and for the moment he SHOULD NOT have sexual contact until the rash is dealt with!

Hope this helps!
Dr Z.

I am experiencing vaginal itching and vaginal irritation. The following also describe me: Skin redness or irritation and Vaginal tenderness. What. ..

Needs testing. The most likely cause of this group of symptoms would be a vaginal yeast infection. Over-the-counter yeast medications are available and should fix the problem. I would also want to test you for herpes. This seems less likely but could also explain the symptoms. Read more...