Mom died of colon cancer, all 4 of dad's sis had breast cancer or precancer. 1 of the sis tested negative for cancer gene. Do I have elevated risk?

Yes, you do. First, i'm sorry to hear about your mom. That's so hard. And it's hard to worry about your own risk. You do have a higher risk of cancer, and it is probably not due to the breast/ovarian cancer gene (brca). Lynch syndrome is more likely. I can't tell you your exact risk because that depends on the age of your mom and your aunts when they were diagnosed. Tell every doctor this history from now on!
Colon cancer risk. Unfortunately , colon cancer is very common in all segments of society( almost second most common cause of cancer death ). There is a life time risk of about 1out of twenty five people developing colon tumors. Family history of colon cancer and other cancers in close family members and multiple generations greatly increases the risk in other family members developing colon cancer.