Left testicle llq pain radiates to left lower back pain. Had CT ruled out kidney stones. H/o Crohn's and colitis. What could this be.

Unclear. Is the testicle tender and swollen? Possibility of inflammation of the testicle or epididymis needs to be considered. Sometimes, the testicle may intermittently twist on its' vascular pedicle and cause intermittent torsion with associated pain. Complete torsion can cut off the blood supply and result in loss of the testicle. If any of this sounds like you, get examined by a urologist.
Don't know. A ct should be able to r/o recurrent crohns colitis as well as renal stones. If these are r/o'd, a very good history and physical examination may reveal another possible cause such as radicular back pain or testicular causes. See your doctor for help in sorting out the differential diagnosis!

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Does colitis or Crohn's cause lower back pain. GI doctor said I don't have colitis, but I'm having the same symptoms as colitis.

Hmm..GI docs usually. ....are right when it comes to a diagnosis of colitis since the symptoms are pretty straight forward such as bouts of constipation and diarrhea, often bloody or with pus but sometimes not...abdominal cramping and pain. Low back pain is not a typical symptom of colitis. If the GI doc wasn't impressed with your symptoms then, I'd put some weight on that but if you're not convinced talk to your Doc. Read more...

I have Crohn's colitis and kidney stones (last one Oct. 19). For the last month, testing + for blood, bilirubin and protein in urine. Normal?

Cannot say in your. particular case. Small amounts of those are pretty explainable by the kidney stones. Depends a lot on the level of those. Read more...