How long will in take for my radius fracture to heal?

Variable. Radius fractures come in many varieties depending where the fracture is, the degree of displacement or malalignment, the method of treatment etc. Typically the bone can be stable for use after 6-8 weeks but return to normal function / use can take longer.
Radius fracture. The answer could be anything from a few wks - few months depending upon injury and needed treatment If your employer allows yo to do work a t a reduced rate, perhaps they will have you come back sooner. If they demand you cannot work without a cast and you need one then that'll take time too. A lot of this is individualized to the person and the injury but a simple answer is 6-8 weeks.
Varies. Fractures heal faster in younger individuals than older ones, also nutritional status may play a role in healing, smoking and drinking alcohol may prolong time of healing, normally six weeks in a cast may be needed for the radius fracture to heal.