How is a labral tear in the shoulder with subluxation repaired?

Stem Cell Therapy. There are many different options for stem cell therapies in the us. I would suggest you evaluate all of them thoroughly before choosing. So far the only practice that has significant research and patient base regarding stem cell therapy are the Regenexx Physicians Network. They have over 6500 patients in their registry with pretty good results. Check out Regenexx.Com.
Suture anchors. Most labral repairs w/ instability are repaired arthroscopically using suture anchors placed in the bone of the glenoid( socket) then passed through the labrum.(some doctors prefer to do this in an open procedure.)the capsule( lining of joint)is usually tightened @ surgery w/ sutures depending on how loose the capsular tissue is.The"anchors" generally used are 'bioabsorable', the sutures are not.

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Could a labral tear be caused by voluntary subluxation in childhood? Or what can cause them?

Trauma. Generally most labral tears are caused by trauma( falls, overhead throwing shoulder dislocations etc.). Voluntary dislocators are a small subset of shoulder instability pts.That usually have as their primary problem capsular laxity( looseness)and other issues. The mainstay of tx. For these patients is pt.Surgery for voluntary dislocators is contraindicated.... Read more...

Which is better to use for pain in shoulder cause from labral tear type 1 SLAP tear (hot or cold)?

Shoulder labral tear. Anti-inflammatory medication and regular icing may be beneficial in the first 72 hours or when inflammatory signs are present. This means pain in the morning or pain while resting. Anti-inflammatories may hasten the healing process by reducing the pain and swelling associated with inflammation. Read more...