How long do wisdom teeth take to all grow in?

Three. It takes three years for the top of the tooth to develop (the crown). Three years for the root to develop and three years for the tooth to erupt. Wisdom teeth, what we call 3rd molars, usually erupt, if they are going to, between the late teens and early twenties.
Varies. Many individuals have wisdom teeth that begin erupting in their early teens. Other individuals have fully developed wisdom teeth that never erupt or become visible in the mouth at any age.
4 years. Third molars ( wisdom teeth ) show their crwon completed between the ages of 12 to 16 yr, but can take until the ages of 17 and 21 yr to complete eruption.
It depends. Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually erupt between ages 17-25. Some individuals do not have the third molars at all, and in others, the teeth come in without issue. Oftentimes the third molars are “impacted” in some way, meaning that they partially erupt at an odd angle, crowding other teeth and potentially leading to decay.