Ent says vestibular neuritis- hearing great via hearing test, mild nystugmutus to the left. But when I close my eyes they twitch (eye lids). Vertigo worse in am. Can twitch b from neuritis? No MRI done

I do MRIs. Generally symptoms related to the posterior fossa of the brain can be clinically diagnosed but they cannot be certain there is no stroke or tumor present. My mother had the diagnosis of recurrent vestibular neuritis (or labyrinthitis). In mris done a few years later she had multiple pontine strokes. Also the doctor should order your MRI with and without contrast.

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I was diagnosed by ENT with Vestibular neuritis, lately beside vertigo one eye feels weaker than the other, MRI of brain clear, is there a connection?

Depends. Not clear what you mean when you say it feels weaker. Are you having double vision? Is your eyes droopy? Are you having weakness on one side of your face? To give you better advice, need a little bit more details. Read more...