I found out I have adhesions in my intestines causing pain. It is getting worse on my lower right side, is surgery needed?

Not necessarily. 1. Adhesions don't always cause pain. 2. How do you know you have adhesions? 3. Adhesions don't always cause pain. 4. Adhesions will not show up on x-rays or ct. 5. I'd be hesitant to have a surgical procedure just "for adhesions" unless there is very strong clinical evidence they are causing a problem (such as intestinal obstruction), because… 6. Adhesions don't always cause pain.
Adhesions. I would try to avoid surgery as this usually causes more scar tissue. Try weight loss, meditations and massage for pain relief.
Adhesions. Lysis of adhesions inevitably creates more adhesions. Surgery might be indicated if the pain is becoming intolerable or the adhesions affect bowel function.