Mouth has becomesensitive after I let my GERD get bad anytime I eat crackers or toast or cookies chocolate bumps will rise on tongues an cheeks hurt?

Controlling the acid. As you know, gerd will introduce stomach acids into the mouth. Stomach acid has a ph of 1, similar to hydrochloric acid. Keep your gerd under control so acid is not introduced into your mouth. Severe, uncontrolled gerd can literally melt your teeth. The bumps on your tongue and cheeks are probably due to the irritation of the acid.
Protect your teeth. The acids in you mouth and esophagus from gerd can be very destructive. Your teeth can easily be eroded so talk to your dentist about protecting them from acid exposure. Mi paste is an option. Sleep apnea can cause gerd so get evaluated for this, especially if you are obese, have been told that you snore, or are always tired.
I'm assuming you are. Being treated by a GI doctor and on appropriate medications, diet, etc. Please also consult with your dentist for appropriate recommendations, possible use of rx toothpastes to help prevent further damage. Please do this asap. Hope this helps.
Acidity. Your re flux brings a very low ph (acid) to your upper digestive apparatus which includes all the structures that you mention. These tissues are not prepared for this aggressive irritant (burning) and get damaged even sometimes ulcerated. Take care or your reflux by a gastro enterologist. Some home remedies that will cut the acidity, will help alleviate symptoms. Good hygiene is mandatory.