How can I help stimulate my child's development?

Read, play, talk. And listen. We're all recommending activities that involve your engaging with your child in an interactive way, sharing joint attention. Pairing reading & cuddling is great. Limit the sum of all electronic play/viewing to a max of 2hrs./day if >2Y.O. Talk about whatever you're doing & let him "help".Tell him your rules & consequences for behavior; follow thru with time-out after 1 warning. Enjoy!
Reading is best! Daily reading to your child is one of the best ways to stimulate his/her development. It is known that a child's receptive language skills develop before the expressive skills. It is so very important to talk with your child such that he/she hears the words that will be necessary for future speech. Lastly, the close interaction between parent & child while reading is a great bonding experience!
Play. Children interact with the world through their senses, eyes, ears, smell etc. Thus challenging the senses though play is the best way!
Interaction! . Lots of love, play and reading are a good start! Keep books in every room in the house for your child to read. Let him explore and learn about his environment! What your child needs is your time, more than anything!