How can I get over my fear of driving?

There are ways. Have you ever obtained a driver's license before? In you don't have problem getting into a car you may start to practice with someone you trust in a quiet neighborhood after rush hour. If you can't even sit on the driver's seat, you would need systematic desensitization first before you can actually drive.
Seek out. A mental health therapist trained in treatment of anxiety and phobias, and one who utilizes exposure-based therapy techniques.

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How can I get over my fear of driving a car?

Hypnosis?? As I have personally treated patients with such fears with success, I would recommend that you consider hypnosis. There are many approaches to your problem using the tool of hypnosis such as desensitization. Another approach would be to use hypnosis to find the basis for your fear, if you don't already kinow that.