Rotten wisdom teeth, food gets stuck inside. Can that cause swollen neck glands, a low grade fever and feel sick all the time? On cipro (ciprofloxacin). Just worried.

Yes. Yes, rotten wisdom teeth can cause all of the symptoms you describe. The solution is to have these infected wisdom teeth removed. An antibiotic can only help shrink the infection, it will not make it go away. You should make an appointment with an oral surgeon asap so they work with you to solve this problem.
Wrong approach. Antibiotic will help control infection, not cure it. And Cipro (ciprofloxacin) is not the antibiotic of choice for oral infections. Teeth need restorations, root canal rx, or most probably extractions. You're dealing with infections in your airway. Acute flare-up can be life threatening. Please see dentist asap. May need referral to oral surgeon.
Why worry? Get the tooth extracted. Then you can stop the worry.
Yes can.. Yes..Rotten wisdom tooth when infected can cause pain ...Swollen glands..Low grade fever..See dentist and may need to change antibiotic..If have been taking ciprofloxacin..
Seek treatment. You should make an appointment to either have a filling in the tooth if it can be restored or have it removed. It will only get worse and can be quite debilitating, especially over the holidays (that's usually when these things flare up and become quite painful).