How do I find a therapist or doctor who specializes in treating depression during pregnancy?

See Psychiatrist. A therapist is not the kind of clinician you are seeking. Make an appointment with your obstetrician, or better yet, a psychiatrist. They are very familiar with diagnosing depression, and the safe and effective treatments available for pregnant women who have a clinical depression. The psychiatrist can then consult with your OB to work together to get you well.
Your OB. This condition is very common and I would bet that your OB has a list of experts they can recommend.

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What kind of doctor sees somebody for depression in pregnancy?

Depression. Depression in pregnancy is often co-managed by your obstetrician and your primary care doctor or psychiatrist.
Depression. Depression in pregnancy is often co-managed by your obstetrician and your primary care doctor or psychiatrist.
Many. Your OB physician should be able to counsel, diagnose, and treat depression in pregnancy. Sometimes they'll refer to a psychatrist for help, involve your primary care physician for long term care, or just manage it themselves. All of the above receive training in depression management and should feel comfortable seeing you. Make sure they continue to follow you closely after delivery too.

What medicines can I take for depression during pregnancy?

Depends. Most antidepressant medications are rated as category c which means they should be stopped if possible bit i'd it would be harmful to the mom to continue them. It is a hard decision that needs to be made with much thought and discussion with tour doctor. A bout of major depression during pregnancyight be considered harmful. You and your dr need to consider risks & benefits.

I can't get out of bed, I cry and feel very depressed. Can I get disability from work due to severe depression during pregnancy?

Mood changes. Mood changes are common during pregnancy. You must seek professional help from a psychiatrist maybe and then think about that. More important is your well being.
Depends on your. Insurance policy that you have for disability at work as well as your clinical condition and the willingness of your psychiatrist to give you time off work. Insurance companies are getting much stricter about this and it is imperative that your psychiatrist use rating scales in the chart to document disability. Many insurance companies no longer trust the word of a psychiatrist or a patient. It is a sad state of affairs. If there is no "objective testing done, then a retroactive review could deny you payments. Please inform your psychiatrist of this. At the very least there needs to be a mini mental status exam in the chart as well as a depression rating scale at every visit.

What happens if postpartum depression is depression after pregnancy, what is depression during pregnancy called?

Depression. Some people only have depression problems after a pregnancy, possibly increased risk because of the hormone changes. Some people have depression at other times, not due to a particular cause. If a woman is on antidepressants when she gets pregnant, she should talk with her doctor about the risks of taking them or not taking them during the pregnancy.

How common is depression during pregnancy?

Not very. More common is what is called post part baby's blues that usually resolves without medication, or only for a short time. Depression during pregnancy usually is only present if present prior to pregnancy and often improves. Of course the situation of an unplanneor undesired pregnancy could lead to depression if not dealt with.

Can you control depression during pregnancy?

Yes. Hormones do a lot of wacky things to women in pregnancy...Depression can improve or worsen. Some meds are not helpful to the baby. ..But you still need help.. Craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture/chinese medicine can have amazing effects and are all safe during pregnancy. They can all treat depression during pregnancy (and even if not pregnant).
Yes. Also discuss your symptoms and concerns with your ob. You do not have to "just live with it".

What should I do if I have symptoms of depression during pregnancy?

Talk to Someone. Be sure to talk with your physician or other provider about your mood. It may be helpful for you to seek out therapy or counseling. You also want to try to have a good support system in place. Medications are sometimes considered for depression during pregnancy, but usually only in more severe cases.

What steps can I take if I have symptoms of depression during pregnancy or after?

Postpartum. You may be at risk for postpartum depression. This can impact your whole family including your newborn. Be sure to discuss it with your doctor and have a support system in place.

Depression during pregnancy--signs and treatments?

Same signs as not. Pregnant. The treatment, however, is different. There should be more emphasis on psychotherapy. Most antidepressants should be avoided, at least until the third trimester. Electroconvulsive therapy is very safe for both mother and child, although it is usually only used in severe cases.