Have metallic taste in my mouth can it be cause of taking Dulcolax or a very early pregnancy symptom. I'm on bc shot, 8 days left for my period

Exam needed. There are several reasons for a metallic taste inyour mouth. Dental disease, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal, medications are only a few of them. A home pregnancy test can answer your concern about being pregnant. A doctor or dental exam and blood tests can help you find out the cause of the metallic taste.
Possibly. There are many reasons for metallic taste in your mouth including, but not limited to, gum disease, hormonal imbalance, medications/vitamins/supplements, GERD, neurologic impairment, infected tonsils/adenoids. You need to see BOTH your Dentist and your Physician for screening and evaluation. Pregnancy test in order after your period, or if you miss a period.