Had bad tooth diagnosed, dds wanted to pull but it held my bridge so dmd delayed. Now fetoris breath. Go to oral surgeon or dentist?

Depends. Some dentists are comfortable with those types of extractions and others are not. If you feel comfortable with your dentist i would stick with them unless they recommend otherwise. Also, as a general rule, dentists are less expensive than oral surgeons.
Back to dentist. Abscess tooth can occur when it was initially a bad cavity or bad tooth. The abscess is your most urgent health problem and can cause you serious health issues. Get it pulled by your dentist. The bridge and other dental reconstruction can wait.
Confusing. Dds says remove, dmd says wait; these are equivalent degrees, both are general dentistry degrees. Now to the discussion of removal; if it is determined that tooth be removed, if it is an easy or moderately difficult removal a dds/dmd can do it if they are comfortable. If it is a difficult case, without doubt an oral surgeon should remove the tooth. They spend 4 years extra for their specialty.
Either. The bad breath was very likely caused by the gross decay present on the tooth that was suggested to you to be removed. If your dentist performs extractions, he may very easily be able to do this for you. If not, or if you prefer to see an oral surgeon, then you may schedule with the surgeon. Hope all works out for you! keep smiling !