Would an abdominal CT scan show ulcers, gallstones or hernia? They found kidney stone on left kidney but right side hurts to, could be back, or muscle, ?

It can, but not . Always. Endoscopy is best test for duodenal ulcers and ultrasound for gallstones and hernias not evident on physical examination. Yes, your right sided pain could be musculoskeletal in origin. Ask your doctor for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
CT scan. A ct scan could show gallstones and a hernia but unlikely to see an ulcer. Hope this helps.

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Would an abdominal CT scan show a gallstone or blocked bile duct?

Possibly. The best gallbladder test is an ultrasound of the abdomen, and if there is concern for a blockage, a HIDA scan (pronounced hide-a) may be ordered. This HIDA scan will also show if the gallbladder is functioning normally. If there is abnormal function one can have symptoms even if no gallstones are present. CT can miss most of this, so its not ordered as a first test if gallbladder a concern. Read more...

My recent abdominal ct scan showed the possibility of a richter hernia, what does that mean?

Partial hernia. It means that part of the wall of the intestine is sticking out of the abdominal wall. It is a rare hernia but because only part of the bowel wall is involved, can be more dangerous mostly because it is diagnosed late. Have a surgeon check it out. Read more...