I get foot pain while running. Should I raise or lower myheel?

Usually no. Raise the heel if there is pain under the heel or at the heel attachment of the plantar fascia. If it;s tender there and painful on stretching the foot upwards use a heel lift in the shoe. Ice bath at night is also helpful , forefoot and arch pain perhaps could use an orthotic otc cushion. Make sure there's np more than 250-300 miles on your shoe.
Depends. It depends on the location of the pain. It also depends on the alignment of your foot and running style. Running shoes wear out and need to be changed regularly to prevent pain and injury.
Explanation. Raising the heel in a running shoe can decrease the strain on the achilles tendon as well as the tenons on either side of the ankle (noteable the posterior tibial and peroneal tendons) it can help with anterior ankle impingement. Lowering the heel takes some stress off of the front of the foot if that is where th e pain is.
It depends. Heel lift will decrease achilles tension and place increased pressure to the forefoot.