What is a good drug for opiate addiction?

Many options, but... Naltrexone, methadone and suboxone are the drugs used to treat opiate addiction. However, these drugs merely buy u time by lowering ur risk of relapse while you engage in the core work of recovery - which is disengaging from using friends, building new rituals to replace those of addiction, going to NA, working with a sponsor, going through an (usually outpatient) treatment program. Good Luck!
Addiction Medicine. You need to work with your addiction medicine physician on this. I see you're already on subutex, which is an effective medication. This isn't the only option though -- Methadone and others are also possible. Discussing your entire medical situation with your own addiction medicine doctor can help you develop the most viable plan for you.
Rehab is best. A rehab program is the best approach for opioid addiction. Suboxone is becoming more common in addiction treatment in some rehab programsbut the goal shoud be to get off all narcotics.

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What is the safest drug to treat opiate addiction if you suffer from severe liver cirrhosis?

Detox slowly. The safest way is just a very slow taper of the opiate, ie just reduce the dose by 10% every third or fourth day...Example go from ten oxy a day to nine and then keep at that level for 4 days then go to 8 and so on. Most people can cut their consumption in half but then run into a plateau. At that point, some Clonidine and some xanax (alprazolam) can some things out. Big problem is not getting hooked oxana. Read more...
Addicitionologist. I recommend consulting an addicitionologist for treatment. Methadone has little hepatic toxicity. Read more...