Should you use the oral contraception pills to help with periods?

Yes. Contraceptive pills are some of the best tools for regulating both irregular cycles and heavy painful periods. There are other options and their use is dependent on your specific needs. Many women use the pill for these reasons in addition to the contraceptive effect.

Related Questions

Is there any effective way to delay your period by a week -- besides oral contraception?

Patch or Nuva ring. Any form or hormonal contraceptive can be used for an extra week prior to withholding it to allow menses. You may even be able to delay menses for up to three months at a time. Discuss this with your doctor prior to making any changes in your schedule. Read more...

I have irregular periods only brought on by oral contraception. After 10 days my period will not stop. How long before I can seek medical assistance?

Depends... It depends how heavy the bleeding is. If you are soaking a pad or tampon every hour for 10 days, you should probably seek medical attention ASAP. If it isn't very heavy, you have more time. In either case, bleeding for 10 days isn't normal. Seeing your Gyn is still a good idea. Read more...