Can e coli look like Crohn's on a colonoscopy.

Crohn's on endo. No crohn's looks like crohn's on biopsy the overall photo does not mean much - the biopsies are critical and provide the answer.

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Can e coli look like Crohn's on a colonoscopy?

E. coli. Very unlikely, but even if there was a resemblance due to the colitis caused by some strains of e. Coli, the biopsy would differ markedly.

Can Crohn's and/or colitis go undetected in colonoscopies?

Yes and no. It would be very unlikely. To not detect a colitis on colonoscopy, but Crohn, s disease can just affect the small intestine out of view, but other studies can pick it up. Discuss with the Gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy.
Probably not. Colonoscopy provides direct visualization of the colon. Assuming that the doctor performing it is able to visualize the colon completely, he should not miss either of these inflammatory diseases of the bowel.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy came out clean but husband still has symptoms of Crohn's what now?

Gastroenterologist n. Your husband should seek help from a gastroenterologist who might be able to prescribe medicines for treating Crohns disease. Since this disease effects the small bowel (predominantly) it typically does not show up in either upper or lower endoscopies (as you rightly indicated)

Can you still have Crohn's if your colonoscopy test is negative?

Yes. Crohn's disease can affect any part of the GI tract from the mouth to the anus. In many patients, the colon is not involved, and so a colonoscopy will not reveal any abnormal findings. A diagnosis of crohn's disease is made using a combination of symptoms, physical exam findings, blood tests, imaging tests, and other clinical tests.

Colonoscopy showed signs of Crohn's disease what's the next step?

Doc. The physician that did the colonoscopy should be advising you. It depends on how active the disease is. See a gastroenterologist.

Can a colonoscopy irritate Crohn's disease and cause symptoms to worsen?

No. Occasionally multiple biopsies and the prep may result in a day or two of minor bleeding, and possibly loose stools, but that should resolve rapidly.

If I'm not in a flare will the colonoscopy still show signs of Crohn's disease?

Usually No! Like other medical tests, only what is present at the moment, within the limits of accuracy of the test, may be revealed. Additionally, the range of what is considered "normal" is huge. Eg for most quantitative measurements the central 96% of the range (compared to a small & unspecified group of people measured at some time in the past) is considered "normal". Studying the issues yourself is Best.