Can cervical cancer develop within six months after HPV infection?

Not likely. Most people who get hpv infection are able to eliminate the virus and do not have long lasting issues. The minority in whom it becomes part of the cells, usually take years to develop cancer. However, it is important to follow regular screening to monitor the changes in cells before these become cancerous.
Possibly. Cervical cancer from hpv is generally a "slow growing" disease and is detectable by yearly pap smears. Cervical hpv changes can also been seen at colposcopy. (microscopic exam ot the cervix and vagina).

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What's the average time and the shortest time from HPV infection to cervical cancer?

Between 10-20 years. Hpv infection per se does not mean that one will develop cervical cancer. It depends upon the type of hpv infection. Types 16 and 18 are high risk hpv that can develop into cervical cancer. Befpre cancer develops, the cervix goes into stages of dysplasia. (mild, moderste, severe, in-situ cancer, that can be detected in regular pap smears and can be treated to prevent its progression to cancer.
It varies. It depends on your body's ability to resist the hpv infection initially and later how well you are able to defend against "cellular hpv multiplication". Some hpv cervical intraepithelial neoplasia I and ii's revert back to normal and do not go on to form cervical cancer because of this mechanism.

Can the HPV (cervical cancer) jab hurt that you get in year 8?

IT IS NOT GIVEN AT 8. Yes the shot hurts but it is recommended to be given ages9to26.We usually start at age 11 years here in nj.
? hurt? All shots hurt some & this does a more than average. Although the testing and approval for this vaccine was age 9-26, I see no reason to believe that getting it a year early would "hurt" the immune response it is designed to create. It would likely be effective if given to any kid with a normal immune system over the age of 4.

Is it possible to get cervical cancer from anything other than hpv?

Yes. Hpv is a common cause of cervical cancer. However, you do not need to have been exposed to hpv to get cervical cancer.
Yes. Hpv causes most of the cervical cancer. But it only causes squamous cell cancer. Other types of cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma, etc) are rare but not caused by hpv.
Other risk factors. Cervical cancer is commoner in women who start having sex early, have multiple partners, and use tobacco. About 80% of the cervical cancers are associated with hpv, the exact cause of the remaining ones is not generally known.

Could a virgin get HPV or cervical cancer even without penetration?

Yes and No. You could get genital warts caused by HPV if you are rubbing an infected penis on the vulva (outer areas). However, you cannot get cervical HPV and dysplasia/cancer without penetration (at least I have never heard or read of such a case). If you are thinking of sex in future, condoms make a great barrier to HPV.

Can you get cervical cancer despite repeatedly tested HPV negative?

No, not true. Most of time cancer of the cervix is due to hpv virus but not all the time, other factors are involved in genesis. Cancer of cervix could be detected early and possible to cure by early diagnosis, by simple regular gyn visits, with pap smear with out requiring any complex test & interments.

How high is the percentage of women who have HPV get cervical cancer?

Probably... Known to us, every life event or disease is always caused by multiple factors. Somehow, HPV has special affinity to cervix, vagina, vulva, anus, rectum, & oropharynx, and estimated that 90% of cervical cancer are probably caused by some types of HPV, especially 16 & 18 for some 65%. More? Review article in https://www. Cdc. Gov/cancer/hpv/statistics/cases. Htm.

What happens if I test negative for hpv, I don't have to worry about cervical cancer?

Most likely not. The overwhelming majority of cervical cancers are caused by HPV, but rarely they are not. Your chances are very low with your age and HPV status, but please follow your OB/Gyn's recommendations for continued screening if indicated.

Can guys be checked to see if they have the HPV that gives girls cervical cancer?

Yes. Warts (condylomata accuminata aka hpv) on the male sex organs can be seen or tested for by a family md or urologist.