Can a wisdom teeth be removed in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

Yes. A problematic wisdom tooth can be removed during the third trimester of pregnancy after consultation and approval from your obstetrician. Your OB will provide information regarding what type of anesthesia can be utilized for the procedure and what type of medication (s) can be prescribed. Some wisdom teeth problems can be managed conservatively and surgery delayed until after delivery.
Emergency only. If they are seriously impacted or infected, then yes. Otherwise, wait until after delivery.

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Wisdom teeth removal in the 3rd trimester?

Depends. Depends on whether you are having problems with them or not. If you aren't having any problems, wait until after you have your baby.
A judgement call. Pregnancy complicates the removal of wisdom teeth in many ways. Choices of anesthesia and pain meds are more limited because of the pregnancy as well as concern for the greater weight of the baby pressing on the mother's vital organs in the third trimester. The decision to remove any tooth at that time must weighed against the possible risks of doing so then vs. Waiting until after delivery.
Perhaps. Better to wait til postpartum using antibiotics and pain meds. If need be, wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthesia in 3rd trimester. Make sure you're being treated by oral surgeon.