Are there any new treatments in the past couple of years for spinal cord injuries?

Not really. Unfortunately there are no truly new or novel treatment options available at this time. The hallmarks of current treamtent are focused on preventing further damage in the initial period after injury. There continues to be research in the area of stem cell transplant but to date it is only experimental.
Cure 4 paralysis? In sept issue cell, a stem cell line called nsi-566 (neuralstem) was successfully used to regenerate transected spinal cords in mice, with over 57% take of grafted cells. Multiple axons were generated which covered 17 spinal segments and formed reciprocal synaptic connectivity in grey matter. Neuralstem has applied for a trial to treat chronic spinal cord injury, and thereafter likely for acute.

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Are there any new treatments for spinal cord injuries? Classmate broke his neck in bad fall

No cures. I am so sorry for your friend. Current treatments for sci focus on preserving neurological function at the time of injury. To date there are no cures to return lost nerve function. If an injury is complete (no feeling and complete paralysis), there is the possibility of getting some feeling back, but paralysis can improve only if there is some preserved movement below the injury level.